Our Approach

Most consultancies and org design companies focus on implementing and using new processes and tools. We believe that organizations do have most of needed tools and skills to organize themselves successfully. 

playmakers industries helps its clients to follow the call of increasing effectiveness through empathy and inner strength within organizations, communities and individuals. We seek to gently change all organizations to meaningful places of life, fulfillment and fun.

playmakers industries is there to gather, support, empower those gentle souls in your systems who are aware of what is happening. And put them in the right postion while creating safe spaces to let them change the game. We unleash the power of the gentleness by playful interventions. Easy, fast, fun and effective.

Because the smallest openings within may open to biggest doors we stand for.

Constant need for product innovation and day-to-day business focus more on solving current problems than on creating new realities. Old fashioned pyramidical structures (even flatter ones) are too slow, too rigid and never seem to bring people to their full potential. They do rarely promote intrapreneurship from lower ranks. Good ideas from within may be missed. We feel playfulness, art, sense of beauty and meaning are the approaches that can radically change the whole game, in a fluid gentle way. Play is an ongoing approach to innovation.

We bring connectedness, aliveness, return to natural sense to people. Those who are stepping up or want to. Are you ready for this mission?